Full Packing Service

Let Smiler’s Removals and Storage take care of your entire move and make the process as easy as possible.

Our professional moving staff will pack your items properly and carefully to ensure that everything is as exactly as it should be when you get to your destination.

Packing Services - What You Should Expect When You Move

Packing your home up and getting ready to move is a very personal experience. Some people prefer to pack their home or business themselves, whilst others make a choice to use the packing services provided by a professional company. Many people choose to do a mixture of both and pack personal items on their own and then get a removals and packing company to complete all the larger tasks and items.

To provide the best situation and most choice, at Smiler’s Removals and Storage we listen to our clients and then help them with whatever they need. From providing the packing materials, to offering advice to a full packing service where we do it all.  

All you need to do is call and let us know what you want. 

Full Packing Service

With this service we will take care of everything, whether you are moving a home or a business. We will provide all of the packing materials and packing boxes that will be used by a our professional packers who are trained to make sure all items are safe for shipment.

The full packing service will include everything in your home except for any items that you have specifically informed us about in advance that you do not want to be packed.

The Full Packing Service includes taking apart furniture as required for transport and space. Labelling of all items and boxes, and providing a full inventory of all boxes and pieces of furniture.

Although this is the most expensive way to move it is the easiest. What you save in time and effort is more than worth it. Our trained packing staff are very efficient and all jobs will be completed quickly. Plus we are generally liable for the breakage of any items that we have packed.

Partial Packing Services

This is suitable for those people who wish to pack a majority of their belongings, however, they may need help with a few key items. This is a more affordable option for many people.

With this service, our packers will disassemble furniture and carefully pack large or speciality items as requested. Most people choose this as the best way to deal with heavy or difficult items, or items that are very valuable to ensure they are professionally packed.

Owner Packing

The final option is suitable for those people who wish to pack all of their property themselves. This includes disassembling furniture and protectively packing expensive and valuable items.

If you are unsure about how to pack specific items. Please make sure to contact the team at Smiler’s Removals and Storage because they may require packing in a specific way.

Owner packed items are subject to different liability rules so please make sure to call us first so we can help.

Affordable Packing Materials

At Smiler’s Removals and Storage we can provide you with all the packaging materials that you will require to move your property safely and securely to your new property. Whether that is a Residential Move or a Commercial Move.

All you need to do is call us and we will be abel to get everything you need at a very affordable price. We can get you all the boxes in whichever size you need, bubble wrap, tape and anything else you may require.

Unpacking Service

We can provide you with a full unpacking service when you arrive at your new location, plus the reassembly of your furniture back to its original condition. This means you would have nothing to worry about during the entire upheaval of the moving process.

When setting up a moving date, please be sure to schedule your packing services if you require them. This si because we need to allocate the time required to pack up your property properly and carefully.  It also allows us to plan all the timings for the day to ensure everything runs smoothly.

We Will Take Care Of Your Move

Prior to any move, a member of our team will speak to you about exactly what you need and advise you on the best way to move forward with the relocation.

All you need to do is get in touch with Smiler’s Removals and Storage so that we can help you change properties and location without any hassle. 

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